Word Resume

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular programs to write a Resume. Word is commonly used in companies as text processor, therefore it is very safe to write your Resume in Word. Most companies will be able to open and read your Resume with no problems. However Microsoft Word is not always the easiest programs to create a well organised Resume. It can be difficult to create separate columns and to a photo for example.


At Ambt we have already created well organised Resume templates that you can use immediately. Besides creating a clear lay out, we have also added great design to our templates. Your Resume will not only we easy to read, it will also help you to stand out from other candidates. All of our Resume templates have a professional appearance that is suitable for the function of the Resume document. Each Resume templates comes in Microsoft Word in A4 and US Letter paper size format. Besides the Microsoft Word version, you will also receive a PowerPoint version. In PowerPoint it can be a bit easier to make changes to the lay out or to add a photo. We do recommend to save a final version of your Resume as PDF file. You can use the PDF file to send by email with your job application. By sending a PDF you will sure that the recipient will see your Resume exactly the same as how you see it on your computer.

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