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AMBT offers Resume Templates that will get your Resume noticed! Create a professional Resume that will stand out from the Resumes of other candidates. Our Resume Templates will help you to make a solid first impression on your job application. We have a wide choice of Resume template to suit your field of work. From creative to formal and from entry level to senior management.


Recruiters want to be able to make a quick and efficient first selection based on just a quick look at all the Resumes. If you don’t survive this first selection, your Cover Letter won’t even get read at all. Needless to say that you have to optimize all possible aspects of your Resume. Not only should you have solid content, you should have a crispy clean format.


Edit your Resume Template in Word or PowerPoint, both versions are included in every download pack. All of our Resume template come in A4 and Us Letter paper size format, which are also all included in the download pack. You can edit all elements of the templates, you can change are text and headers, change colors, change fonts or font size. You don’t have to enter your personal resume information in an online resume editor to be able to obtain our templates.  Download the document straight to your own computer and use, edit and save the documents as often as you like. Get started immediately, place your order and you will receive a download link in your mailbox straight away.


The Resume template download pack includes the resume template (Word + PowerPoint / A4 + US Letter format), matching cover letter (Word + PowerPoint / A4 + US Letter format) and an instruction document with clear tips and instruction on how to edit the template files.

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