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How to write a great Personal Profile for your Resume

The personal profile is a relatively new element on resumes, but it already has become a very important element. As recruiters receive more and more applications for each job listing, they often make a first selection based on an only short look at the resumes. If you don’t make it through this first selection, your cover letter will not be read at all. The personal profile on your resume gives you a chance to add some information about your personality to your resume. But what should you include in your personal profile and how should you write it? In this post we gathered the some tips on how to write your personal profile.   

Personal profile or objective on your Resume?

Before the personal profile became a standard section of the resume, some people were already adding an “Objectives” section to their resume. Although showing your ambition is not a bad thing, the personal profile gives you an opportunity to add more information to your resume than just your objective. Your objective not always immediately relevant for the job you are applying to. Recruiters prefer to check whether you match their objectives instead of reading about your objective, in this early stage of the job application. You can always add information about your ambition within your personal profile when you feel this is suitable for the job application.

Keep it short

The personal profile should be a short summary of your resume and your cover letter combined. Try to keep it within 5 lines at max. Write in short sentences and only add information that is relevant for the job application. It is best to start by making a short list of words that summarizes the information you want need to include. Try to tie these loose words together within a few short sentences.

Avoid using “I”, “me” or my

The sentences in your personal profile should be short, sharp and to the point. Don’t include words like “I”, “my” or “me”. Instead of writing  “I am an account manager with more than 10 years’ experience” just write “Experienced account manager”.

Use the keywours from the joblisting on your Resume

Recruiters use keywords in their job listings, they will search for those keywords in your resume. Check the job listing for these keywords and use them in your personal profile where possible. Especially keywords about interpersonal skills and personality are suitable for the personal profile section of your resume.

Emphasize your interpersonal skills

Originally the resume was just an overview of your employment history and your education. The cover letter used to be the place to describe your personality and your interpersonal skills. But more and more recruiters make a first selection based on the resumes, even before they will take a look at the cover letters. The personal profile gives you a great opportunity to emphasize your interpersonal skills. Especially when your interpersonal skills match the skills described in the job listing.

Customize your personal profile for each job application

Each company is unique, each job listing is unique and therefore it is important to customize your resume for each job application. Search for the crucial keywords every time you apply for job and to use these keywords in your resume and particularly in your personal profile.

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