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Professional Resume template design for Word andPowerPoint

At Ambt we design outstanding resume templates. Resume template design that will get your resume noticed, while maintaining a professional presentation. Recruiters and hiring managers often receive loads of resumes for each vacancy they post. They often receive so many resumes that they are forced to make a first selection just based on a short scan of the resumes. Your resume is the first impression you make on your job application, if you don’t pass the first selection it will have been your only chance to make an impression. Although the content of your resume is most important for this first selection, the overall appearance of your documents can influence this as well.

With a neatly design resume template you will make sure that your documents will stand out from other candidates and it will show recruiters that you have taken the effort to make a good first impression on your job application. We have designed many different types of resumes, from creative and colorful templates to more formal resume templates.

Get started immediately, directly downloadable

You can download the resume template files immediately after completing your order. The resume template purchase is a one-time purchase, this is not a monthly subscription. Download, edit and save the resume template files directly on your own computer. Use them as often as you like. You will receive a download link in your mailbox directly after completing the payment. If you do not receive this mail, please check your spam box. You will also see the download link on the return page of this site after completing the payment. Within the downloaded Zip file you will find an instruction document. We recommend to read this (short) document before diving into the resume template files. The instruction document contain useful tips about the editing of the templates and instruction on how to download and install extra fonts.

Fully editable resume template files

All resume template files are fully editable in Word and PowerPoint. You will receive both versions of the templates. You can choose in which program you prefer to work. The Word and PowerPoint files are open documents. You can overwrite all text and headers on the resume template. You can change colors, fonts, text size, lay-out. Within the resume template package you will find an A4 paper size version and US Letter paper size version (for both Word and PowerPoint). Choose the right paper size version before you start working on your resume template. Switching the paper size in a document can cause the lay-out to skip. Some of our resume templates have two pre-set color version, but you can still change the colors if you want.

To be able to work on our resume templates, you will need to have MS Office (version 2007 or a more recent version) installed on your computer. We recommend to work on a desktop or laptop computer. It is best to use a mouse or a good touch pad instead of a touch screen for the editing. Editing the resume template files is not difficult, however basic knowledge of the MS Office programs (Word or PowerPoint) is necessary.

Matching cover letter templates

All products include matching cover letter templates. The cover letter templates are specially designed as writing paper, with a lay-out for large parts of body text. Within the design we applied aspects that match the design of your resume template. Your resume and cover letter will have a similar recognizable design that will give your documents a professional presentation. All cover letter template files are created in Word and PowerPoint and in A4 paper size version and US Letter paper size version.

Resume Template Support and Contact

We have gathered the questions we receive most often on our frequently asked questions page. If you cannot find an answer to your question on this FAQ page, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help you as quick as possible. You can contact us through our contact page.